Conducting Vibes

Chooo! Chooo! All aboard the second post of “When Life Talks.” Next stop.. Positive vibes! For those folks who are unfamiliar with the location and are joining us for the first time, welcome and allow me to conduct you closer to the silent words spoken by life. Vibes is a word we often hear in today’s society. Growing quickly in popularity among young teens and a bit confusing to older adults; it is word used in several different ways. See vibes are all around us; they are in our friends, family, schools, music, even our food! The word vibes just like many other words has both a positive and negative connotation. Vibes can be expressed verbally, mentally or physically. Examples are seen through speech, thought process and mentality, as well as body language. Positive vibes are what bring us hope and help us live an optimistic lifestyle. Negative vibes on the other hand bring us down and serve as a grey cloud of showers over our heads. It is this cloud that we must keep from hovering above us and others. Just as grey clouds move over the sky, negative vibes spread as well. We must first channel our inner positive vibes and share them with others. We must provide more hand outs full of hope than a non profit organization handing out meals on Thanksgiving. We can do this by demonstrating acts of kindness, providing wisdom or simply by providing a hand. Sharing one positive vibe will trigger another just as one gear grinds another to get a train moving. So when that train full of vibes comes your way, roll up your sleeves, put on your cape, throw on your conductors hat and stop negative vibes. Be the switch at the wye of the rail that helps the train turn from negativity and to positivity.

Rolby Seneus