Review: How Backwards Changed My Perspective on Life

Backwards is a story of self-discovery and family values. The protagonist is a child who is the product of their parents. Their parents are a product of the environment that they grew up in, but their child’s story is rewritten in front of their eyes. A calculated character, their child is introduced to, and then thrown into the mix of things without warning.


The first time I read Backwards, I had to read it three more times before I even approached 7 Yeer about working together. The story has so many layers and small teaching moments that I could never have expected from two young men taking on their very first project.


When Backwards was first introduced to me, I wasn't sure what kind of job that I had gotten myself involved with. As a student-writer, I wasn't sure that I had the knowledge or ability to truly assist anyone, but these gentlemen became my brothers from our first conversation. They put their complete trust in me, which no one had ever done so quickly. I could tell that they weren't just ready to work, but they were willing to learn. Working with 7 Yeer was like meeting separated family.


This story unearthed personal convictions about myself that I either hadn't thought about in awhile or never considered. Backwards is more than a story — it's an epiphany.