#Support Black Business

Let’s support Black-owned businesses. This isn’t a "support WORLDOFi because it is a Black-owned business." You don’t even have to equate supporting black-owned businesses to supporting WORLDOFi. I mean you can if you want; we’re not going to complain. This isn’t self-promotion. This is promotion of business that often is neglected. In a country where there are very clear statistics where the race you are is correlated to the level of wealth you’re born into and the financial divide between the rich and poor is enormous. There are occurrences where Black-owned businesses don't receive the amount of support they should.

Supporting Black-owned business is important because there should be a clear and fair playing field that gives everyone an equal shot to create and grow a successful business. Unfortunately that isn’t the case yet. Race has an effect -- even if sub-conscious-- on nearly every facet of life, including business.  Many of these businesses are local businesses, which adds even more challenges to the already difficult competition provided by their corporate counterparts. This isn’t meant to persuade anyone that black businesses are the only ones that matter, or that the only business you ever spend your money in is one that’s black-owned. It is just maybe the playing field will be a little more equal if more people make an effort to support local black businesses.

Yes, you can go buy some merchandise that WORLDOFi will release soon. Or you could show your support by following on social media and helping promote a new event they’re having. Maybe listen to Ibra’s new music on SoundCloud. Supporting isn’t just shown through monetary methods, its shown by just a little effort. These gestures not only help them, it sends a message that their business has a support system and people are recognize the hard work that goes into their work. 

And all these pre mentioned ways to support WORLDOFi, can be done for all kinds of black businesses. WORLDOFi is just one business, and there are countless black-owned business all around us, filled with people that work incredibly hard, and deserve to be shown support.

Dip Patel