Creativity: It's In Your Hands


There is this idea I have heard for quite some time, and as I grow older it seems to become more and more prevalent. It is this: as we get older we lose our creativity.

Now I’m not here to lecture anyone, but I am here to say my piece. Ever since I was a child I had this fascination with building blocks. These wooden pieces were at my disposal, to make whatever I wanted, and regardless of whether or not anyone else saw anything in the creation I had produced, I did see. I saw buildings with columns and high ceilings, and towns with post offices, fire departments and schools. I had visions in my head of what it was I wanted to create, and would use the tools I had access to, to try and make this vision a reality.

After I entered school I found out I could more accurately express these images in my head through drawings, and then a few years after that, I found the written word to be my gateway to expressing myself and my goals the most efficiently. But as I grew up there was a shift in the order of importance I saw in people’s lives. It was more important to get a job early, start making money, as well as putting more importance into how you present yourself physically, and these worlds me and my friends made fell to the wayside and in its place were sports, girls, and technology.

Now I’m not saying these are all bad things, but I feel like people’s excuse for this change is not indicative of what actually is taking place. Most people chalk it up to growing up, or maturing.

I chalk it up to laziness.

It’s so much easier to watch a game on tv than try and come up with the design of a character in a play, or write a few lines of a poem or direct a movie with your friends. We all of a sudden start to take a backseat in our entertainment and expression, we let others dictate what we find enjoyable, even if we chose the show, movie, clothes, hairstyles and shoes we see and wear, it is all someone else’s dream, someone else’s vision.

It is important that we never lose that creativity that used to keep us entertained when we were younger. Seeing a mountain within an anthill isn’t a gift, it’s a skill just like playing ball or calculating equations. If you stop practicing then it becomes harder to do, harder to access that potential and skill you once had. Growing up is not, and should not be putting down the crayons and picking up a tax form, it should be using your new resources, your experience and knowledge you’ve accumulated throughout this time to create magnificent new worlds, whether it be physically, emotionally, or metaphorically. Creating and creativity can take up many different shapes, it can be the way you write your name, your stance when you go up to bat, the way you speak to your kids, it’s all one and the same. It only takes some work on our part, but we forget that when we get into a pattern or schedule, that we may only break on the weekends. More things get in the way, we have more responsibilities that take up more time, and then seeing that mountain gets harder to do, the image gets blurry, and then we only see an anthill. Nothing more, nothing less.

So what we must do is put creativity back into our own hands. Take charge of our imagination and have it work in our favor, even if we aren’t kids anymore let’s dream big and aim high. Do not settle for a job you hate but pays well, do not settle for a song that’s just ok, do not settle for a paper that’s “at least a D.” We can do more, and we can do it better.

It’s in your hands now. 



Cesar Estrada