101 - Defining Man

A man should not be defined by the value of his clothes or the style of his hair, but instead by the knowledge he contains in that head behind the nappy fade. A man should not be categorized by the length of his beard, but instead by the wisdom, values and religious meaning behind the beard. A man should not be defined by who he was, but instead who he is now.

See a man should not and cannot be judged by the way he looks, but rather by the way he carries himself. We shall no longer judge a man by those who surround him on the out, but instead who he truly is on the in. Just because a fish swims with turtles that does not make a fish a reptile. See fish are a group of their own just as every man is an individual of their own.

Too many times do we get caught judging a man by the stereotypes that society has taught us. Too often do we categorize a man into certain groups based solely on their image rather than taking the time to actually get to know the man. See every man is a man of his own. Making his own decisions and defending himself the way he chooses to do so.

Let us break the stereotypes that we have built because we all know too well that a general analysis is not an individual analysis. So next time you see a man with a long beard and a head wrap or an african-american with dreads, do not draw a conclusion. Draw yourself closer and find out who they really are.. because there is much more to a book than just a cover.