Liberate Ibra

A note from the director:

Throughout the year of 2016 we saw an overwhelming amount of viral videos depicting examples of police brutality. I've woken up in tears to the news that another body was taken in an unfair and unjust encounter with the police because they look like me. With this on my mind I began to research all the issues involving the judicial system and the treatment of people. With the help of my black power movements course and the release of the 13th documentary, I felt like I saw the problem clearly enough to take action.

Slavery hasn't ended but has switched forms. What I wanted to do was inform the world about this problem and how much harm it causes the victim and their community. Most importantly I wanted to ensure that people saw that this isn't an "us vs. them" issue, but rather an institutional problem that needs to be addressed.

Liiko Willisliberate, Ibra