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Who is WORLDOFi?

WORLDOFi is a community of innovative entrepreneurs who aim to provide independent artists with a platform to move forward in their careers.



WORLDOFi is built by artists, for artists. Too many record labels, managers and publishing companies are stealing time and money from artists every day. 


Brotherhood & Business

Liiko, Dami and Tremel founded the company to give artists like themselves an opportunity to grow and learn amongst one another. 

"Never take from the artist." - Liiko



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What's the purpose of WORLDOFi

WORLDOFi is a unique promotional platform for underground artists. Our main focus is extending an artist's fanbase, network, and knowledge of the business side of the art game. 

We also offer separate services for non-members that can be found on the same page.

How do I get more involved with WORLDOFi?

An artist looking to get involved in WORLDOFi can go to our Become and Icon page and submit their portfolio for review.

For photographers, videographers, or graphic designers looking to be official WORLDOFi staff, please contact with serious inquires.

How do I get managed by WORLDOFi?

WORLDOFi is partnered with Sublime Mg, a talent management company out of Chicago. We will connect all WOi musicians interested in management with Sublime upon request. 


*For more info, don't hesitate to email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



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