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Welcome to the World of Ibra

Ibraheem Kudaisi, also known as Ibra, was born in September 23, 1996 in Chicago, IL. Throughout his life, he was always fascinated by music and would make remixes to popular songs that came on the radio but Ibra never tried writing music until he was 13 years old when challenged by a friend. For the first couple of years of making music he kept to himself, really only showing his brothers and cousins.

It wasn't until Ibra's freshman year of college that he started performing in front of other people as a group named Oracle, even then Ibra didn't really see music as something that he could possibly do for a living. During his sophomore year Ibra released his first ever solo song titled "Cruisin" and it helped him get the ball moving musically. Ibra started thinking about creating a project and through the help of his friends, he released his first project, "Awake."

For Ibra, music is a light in the darkness so he's trying to shine with the people he loves as brightly as possible. 

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"Awake" Out Now

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Music Videos

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