'If I Go' gallery /

Gloey huew live

Artwork and Installation by Marisa Domian, ft. Liiko and Core REX


Video: @photosby13waves

Editing: Core REX

'If I Go'

By Marisa Domian 

With two individual projects Core REX and I wanted to come together to create something greater than ourselves. Core REX’s Gloey Huew and “the image” that I’m working with, both explore something very similar, partnership. With “the image”, (shown in multiple ways throughout the gallery ie. my painting “If I Go”) I wanted to create an image that was positive, open, and inviting. But also abstracting any sort of identifier so that anyone viewing it can feel a connection. “The image” is shown through multiple mediums, while it originated as a sketch in September 2016, I started working on it more as a project this year. The name of the gallery is inspired by the second iteration of my image, and the first painting I did with it, “If I Go. 

Within my practice  I’m also studying the gap, as an interval. (Shown above, images of “The Gap”) During our time preparing for our gallery, Nick developed an interest for the gap as well. I decided to make a socially engaged piece about the gap. Presented next to a shattered slab of plaster with the image carved into it, was the question “How do we deal with the gap we all have inside ourselves?” Then having the viewer write down their response and put it in the bottle which the question was written on. 

Before getting to work on the collaboration, I asked Core REX what I can do to make his performance special. With “If I Go” being a gallery, I decided to make the stage a piece of art as well. The image Core REX has on his SoundCloud is a silhouette of himself, which adds an element of mystery to himself. In an effort to create an interactive stage that allowed him to retain that anonymity while he performed, I designed and built a shadow box. 

Throughout this process, I pushed Nick to step outside his comfort zone by inviting him to work with me in the woodshop to build his stage. Later, I decided to push him even more by telling him to give painting a try. And as a result, Nick made two paintings, inspired by his original image he created years ago. These paintings were displayed on the sides of the stage.Throughout the gallery, multiple iterations of “the image” were shown. Including works by Core REX and Liiko as well, we were truly able to create a gallery of different work.