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Liiko Prints

Entrepreneur • Manager •

Grpahic Designer • Fashion Designer

Creative Boss

Liiko is known as the CEO and Creative Director of WORLDOFi as well as the manager of Chicago muscial artists Ibra and CoreREX. His aim is to create a space for artists of all mediums to unapologetically be themselves. Liiko also contributes to WORLDOFi by designing apparel, which not only promotes the company, but also raises awareness for different social issues that affect humanity. Through the creation of this company, he hopes to break apart the status quo and silence the entities that tell people to be something else in order to be accepted.



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Liiko Prints



If I Go

Liiko linked his artist CoreREX with fellow Chicago underground artist Marisa Domain to deliver one of the most innovative listening parties to date. This event was curated and installed by Marisa Domian. Liiko added his touch with cultivating a sweet combination of all their art forms in a beautiful collection he made exclusively for the event, which included Marisa’s “If I Go” image and an original CoreREX designed by Liiko himself.

Pushing his artistic boundaries, Liiko turned his art inspired by Marisa into his first 2 original paintings. Expect to see more boundaries pushed by this young visionary this year!


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Liiko's most cherished creation is the Affirmation collection. He really wanted to make a mark and boldly say his piece. See the note from the creator himsel below:

"Corporate is full of the power and money hunger individuals that marginalize the people at the bottom to maximize profits. A majority of these people being minorities. Well, that shit doesn’t sit right with us. We redefine this notion. We Affirm that WORLDOFi shall always put our People, our Artists, and our Blackness first! With that being said, we present the Affirmation Collection."

Damination x Liikoprints

Being the founders, best friends, and up and coming fashion designers, it was only right they linked up to make something special. In one of the most personal colletions by Dami, Liiko wanted to pore his emotions into this one as well. Coming up with the concpet to do personal illustartions was a tribute to Dami pushing him to follow his dreams as an artist. Check out the collection here.


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One of the most emotianal creations from Liikoprints, and only the second ever collection. To get a look in the head of the creator, check out the inspiration from the man himself:

"Throughout the year of 2016 we saw an overwhelming amount of viral videos depicting examples of police brutality. I've woken up in tears to the news that another body was taken in an unfair and unjust encounter with the police because they look like me. With this on my mind I began to research all the issues involving the judicial system and the treatment of people. With the help of my black power movements course and the release of the 13th documentary, I felt like I saw the problem clearly enough to take action.

Slavery hasn't ended but has switched forms. What I wanted to do was inform the world about this problem and how much harm it causes the victim and their community. Most importantly I wanted to ensure that people saw that this isn't an "us vs. them" issue, but rather an institutional problem that needs to be addressed."


This is the very first creation by our founder and creative director as Liikoprints. Although no longer availble, this collection holds great importance to our founder. With "Gensis" began the birth of an arist and THE artist platform in Chicago. Check out inspiration:

"I've always been artistcally inclined but life told me not to follow those dreams. By the time I got to junior year of college, I knew I just needed to do whatever made me happy. I throw out all doubt, and just went for it. This collection means a lot (even though I'll never remake it lol) because it's what gave me the confidence necessary to bcome Liikoprints and pour my soul into creating and developing WORLDOFi."

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