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WORLDOFi Wednesday Installment Installment 11


It's been a gritty and truly grassroots process of getting this Black Owned Business off the ground.

We would be absolutely nothing without the love and support we've gotten from all of you guys! This Black Owned business finally reached the milestone of 1,000 followers on twitter. Although seemingly miniscule, this was a hard earned accomplsihment that we are proud of!

To thank all of you guys for fucking with us, we are giving away a free piece from the "Affirmation" collection. The collection, designed by our founder Liiko, is all about supporting a black corperation in a country that wants us to fail. Show your support and help this black business thrive!

Below are photos of how Liiko would rock his Liikoprints. Follow @WORLDOFi on twitter and RT for a chance to win a piece!