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Snowy Szn Is Upon Us


Snowy Joey Releases New Music!


The young southside rapper has linked up with friend and producer Elijah Love to bring you the breezy new track titled Decent.

Get a look into the inspiration behind the new track from the man himself:

“I found inspiration for this song from the title of this beat. Eli and I have been keeping in touch and sending things back and forth to each other for some months now and sometime during the summer he sent me this beat. I fell in love with it but I wasn’t sure how I would go about attacking it, so I did something that I’ve been practicing lately whenever I’m given an instrumental: I went off of the title of the beat.

Since this was his beat I wanted to bring his vision into life. I also wanted to spin it in a way. I know here in Chicago, the term “decent” doesn’t necessarily mean what it means everywhere else. We call things that are great decent as well! I could have literally just seen the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen in my life and if I had to choose one word to describe her I would probably say she’s decent. And literally everyone in the city would know exactly what I meant. That’s just Chicago lingo. I know this is the case, and when he sent me the beat I know he was thinking the same thing.

I play on this word though by recognizing and acknowledging the slang that’s used in the city and bragging on myself and addressing the questions I’ve been getting about music lately. I always know when it’s time to drop new music because people would come up to me and ask me when I’m dropping, and that’s literally been happening since Snow 4’s dropped for some months now every. single. day. I even mention how people’s been asking me questions in the very first bar I rap and also during the second verse.

I also use it in a way that expresses how people may still doubt or not know what’s going on. Or they know, but they’re not acknowledging it or making it seem like it’s not big time. IF YOU’RE DOING YOU AND KILLING THAT SHIT IT’S FUCKING BIG TIME!!! Don’t get me wrong, we do what we do because it’s what we love, it’s never for acknowledgement or anyone’s approval, but we do know some people still think it’s a game. We’re not ignorant at all. That’s why in the last few bars in the first verse, last line in the second one, and the very last line in the song I mention this. I’m fully aware.

The simplicity of this beat makes it so hard and the space between the drums gives me so much freedom to say what I want and deliver however I please to. It was a perfect tag team.”


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