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Ibra Applies Pressure with New Video


New Single After New Single

After just a week of dropping his single “Phases,” Ibra continues to show the world what he’s capable of. His latest creation features a gritty new lyric video to display his latest single “Do The Most.” The south side rapper has a passion for creating on his own terms! Check out the inspiration from the making of “Do The Most”:

“The song “Do The Most” is about working hard. I talk about how I’ve been working on a project, which is coming very soon, and how through my experiences creating music I’ve figured out I don’t wanna be a gimmick. I want to make art. I feel especially for less famous artists there’s this pressure to become something you’re not because it’s what everyone else is doing. They’re trying to become viral or blowup and it’s what seems to work, but I’d rather fail being myself than be successful acting like someone else.”

Follow Ibra:  Twitter  |  Instagram

Follow Ibra: Twitter | Instagram

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